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12 Foods to Avoid During Your Detox or Cleanse

Avoid These Hard to Process Foods During Your Detox Our bodies were not meant to absorb the myriad of toxins, chemicals and additives that we are exposed to on daily basis. Doing a detox or cleansing program based on whole … Continue reading

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Crunchy Middle Eastern Vegetable Fries – low-fat and delicious

food to glow When it comes to food, does your inspiration well ever run dry? I must admit that, even though I teach about healthy eating for a living, I am sometimes stumped when it comes to snacks. If I … Continue reading

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So What Does Color Have to Do With Health Anyway?

Eat Your Colors For Optimal Health! Vegetables and fruits are essential to our health. Our bodies are worn out from working overtime to metabolize a steady diet of processed food.  Eliminating processed foods from your diet and replacing them with … Continue reading

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The Power of Green: Green smoothies can help you achieve your weight loss, detox and health goals

Green foods have long been hailed as the go-to good-for-you food for a reason; they are nutritional powerhouses. Green plant foods contain chlorophyll which encourages alkaline balance and helps ward off cancer by removing potentially carcinogenic compounds from the body. … Continue reading

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PCOS Leads to Insulin Resistance and Weight Gain and What You Can Do About It

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a complex female endocrine disorder which can make the ovaries stop working normally. PCOS generally affects your hormones, blood vessels, menstrual cycles, weight, fertility, appearance, and production/regulation of insulin in the body.  If you suffer from PCOS, … Continue reading

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Drinking hot chocolate may help keep brain healthy, study finds…

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Want to ward off dementia later in life? Chocolate may be the answer. Consuming just two cups of hot chocolate a day may help elderly adults who are experiencing impaired blood flow to have healthier…

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Put that Diet Soda Down!

Put that Diet Soda Down! Diet Sodas Do More Harm Than Good Mindlessly you go to the vending machine and put in your money, hit the button for that diet cola, hear the clunk of the can hitting the bottom … Continue reading

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