Put that Diet Soda Down!

Put that Diet Soda Down! Diet Sodas Do More Harm Than Good

Mindlessly you go to the vending machine and put in your money, hit the button for that diet cola, hear the clunk of the can hitting the bottom slot, and grab the cold can.  Without thinking, you pull the top off and start to guzzle the mixture of bubbling brown, mostly artificial ingredients.  The next time you think about drinking a diet cola, do yourself a favor: don’t do it. Put That Diet Soda Down! Studies Show Diet Sodas Do More Harm Than Good!

How is it that you started drinking this liquid mixture of chemicals?  You didn’t always consume diet drinks, there was a time, even though it may have been years ago, when you drank water instead of diet drinks.  Somewhere along the line someone told you that these diet colas have little or no calories; and with the invention of artificial sweeteners, seems like everyone on the planet embraced these beverages. 

But the reality is, these drinks do NOT help you to lose weight; in fact, they may actually CAUSE weight gain.  And do you think that they are healthy for you?  Well, they’re not.  In fact, there have been an overwhelming number of studies concluding that these diet drinks are quite dangerous to your good health.

Your kidneys are at risk if you drink diet colas.  Harvard Medical School completed a 10+ year study of 3,000 women who drank two diet colas a day.  The researchers found conclusive evidence, proving that diet cola is clearly associated with an increased risk for kidney failure.  The kidney decline was not associated with sugar-sweetened sodas, allowing researchers to conclude that diet colas’ artificial sweeteners are responsible.

Another study conducted by the American Psychological Association determined that because people who are trying to slim down believe that these drinks will help them, because they have zero calories and may contain high amounts of caffeine, will drink even more of them, or even substitute them for a healthy meal.  With a University of Minnesota study, researchers concluded that 10,000 adults who consumed just one diet soda a day, gained weight due to “high metabolic syndrome.”  This condition has a group of symptoms attached to it (including belly fat and high cholesterol) which puts you at risk for heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.  Another unintended side effect of these drinks was that after the effects wear off, the individual may feel as though he is starving, making him crave foods which are high in fat and caloric content.  How many times, after drinking a diet cola, have you craved a hamburger or chocolate bar?

You wouldn’t think so, but these “diet” colas can actually help you to gain weight. A University of Texas Health Science Center study concluded that, the more diet sodas a person drinks, the greater their risk of becoming overweight.  Drinking two or more cans a day increased dieters’ waist lines by 500%. You may ask yourself, “How can this be?”  Artificial sweeteners disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake (which is based on the sweetness of foods).  This means people who consume diet foods, are more likely to overeat, because their body is being tricked into thinking it’s eating sugar, which increases the cravings.

Instead of diet sodas, enjoy lemon water, unsweetened iced tea or freshly extracted fruit and vegetables juices! You’ll be glad you switched!

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10 Responses to Put that Diet Soda Down!

  1. Carolyn says:

    I don’t know how I ca start the day without my Diet Cherry Pepsi. It took me years to get to the point where I could drink diet soda. Then the doctor I worked for said I’d lose weight if I did . I was 120lbs @ that time. Now having drank them since approximately 2005, I weight 140 lbs. I know the article is entirely true, I just wish we knew this crap in advance before I went through hell to get used to the diet aftertaste. Now regular taste funny and I don’t like water. Not many options left !

    • Naya Lizardo says:

      I know what you mean! Many people have forced themselves to get used to the awful aftertaste, only to find out after they are addicted that diet soda is actually worse for them than regular soda.
      Have you tried iced tea or water with frozen fruit (berries, peaches, pineapple) – the frozen fruit will cool the drink and will give the water or iced tea a nice subtle more pleasant/sweeter taste.
      Best of luck! Naya

  2. naturalannie says:

    Good article! And I think there is even more danger in diet soda. I’m pretty sure they contain aspartame as the sweetener, a fake sweetener that is a neurotoxin and harms the brain!
    Also they may contain high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is bad as well, and is genetically modified.

    I like to make a natural lemonade with lemons, water and stevia sweetener. Or herbal teas with stevia. Or try some smoothies!

    As Jack Le Lane said ” if man made it, don’t eat it!”

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  4. That’s a great post. I gave all sodas 3 years ago, along with caffeine. The documentary Hungry For Change (available on Netflix) is an eye opener.

  5. Terry Tyler says:

    Thank you for this – it’s the kick I needed to stop drinking them. I’ve known for ages about all this, but lately have slipped back from sparkling water with lemon juice, to diet coke, again. I made myself read this, knowing I needed to….! I’ve got 4 sitting here. Am I strong enough to throw them away? I’ll do it. NOW!

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