Can Acupuncture help you stop smoking?


As hard as it is to quit smoking, it is a wonder that so many people start. Among smokers, at least 70% of smokers at any given time really want to quit. They try different tactics in hopes they find the method that works best for them. Nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes, hypnosis, cold turkey, and acupuncture are among the most popular methods tried. The one that gets the most respect among researchers appears to be acupuncture.

Study after study conclude that acupuncture helps smokers with jitters, irritability, and restlessness caused by withdrawal symptoms as smoker attempt to reduce and finally cease smoking. What is it will if work for you?

How is acupuncture done?
First, the acupuncturist will ask questions to discover the effect smoking as on you physically, emotionally, and mentally. These questions will help the therapist decide which pressure points in the body should be treated to help you quit smoking.

The acupuncturist will ask you to lay on a raised bed so you can relax and remain stable as you are treated. She will find the pressure points that will help you stop smoking and gently insert very tiny, hair-thin needles at those points. The most used points are in the ears and along the wrist area. Treatments tend to be done several times a week the first couple weeks, and then change according to how well you are responding to treatments. Between treatments small pellets are taped at these pressure points. When you feel the onset of a craving to smoke, you are instructed to press on the pellets to create a relaxed state to reduce your craving.

Is there anything you can do at home to treat yourself?
Although it is a good idea to let a trained acupuncturist help you it is possible to at least become more comfortable with the concept with a couple simple methods you can use at home. You can think of these methods as “tests” to decide if acupuncture is meant for you.

Tim Mee Point: This point on the body is located at the wrist joint along the line of the thumb as the thumb is pointed toward the sky. Create pressure on this point when you feel the urge to smoke. It may be effective for you.

Ear massages: The ears are considered by acupuncturist to be the key area of the body to help with smoking cessation. You can massage at the front of the ear where it attaches to the head, the small crease inside the ear, and the earlobe to create the appropriate pressure to reduce the urge to smoke. Use gentle circular motions. At the earlobe you can add a slight tug on the lobe as you massage the lobe.

These methods alone may not help you stop smoking. Consider these actions as a test to see if they help you relax. If they seem to comfort you, you may want to go see a professional and tell her about your experience at home. The two of you can together decide if you are a good candidate for acupuncture to quit smoking.

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2 Responses to Can Acupuncture help you stop smoking?

  1. Although I am not a smoker, I have always wanted to try acupuncture. I enjoyed your post.

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