PCOS and Pregnancy: Hormones are a Bitch

My Ovaries and Me

If you have PCOS, you already know that your hormones rule your life. They can turn you from a vivacious, friendly human being into an absolute nightmare for no good reason within 30 seconds flat and back again.

Not our fault, yes, but very hard to understand for those on the receiving end of an hormonal episode. The poor bastards.

Add pregnancy into the mix and you know as well as I do, that sometimes behaving like a normal human being is IMPOSSIBLE.  Sigh.

Spot the crazy person Spot the crazy person

Hormones, PCOS or pregnancy or not, are not an excuse to throw things at people’s heads or say horrific things to them, you still have control over your basic motor functions. However they are an excuse to burst into tears because you left the house and forgot to put your shoes on…or your top on….or clothes in general. Or an excuse to…

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